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Andrus & Associates lighting directors have integrated lighting designs for over a hundred TV news station throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. From small to large market television station, we can help you with all of your lighting needs. We specialize in TV News Set lighting, multi camera, and multi position.

Get us involved now in your up coming News set project.
Let us tailor a lighting design that meets your talent's and news sets specific need.
We will review you current lighting inventory and or assemble a new lighting package that works for your application.

We can relight your existing set.
Are you having problems your existing news set or talent lighting?
Perhaps you have no depth in your set, or backgrounds are dull.
Is your talent look the best that they can?
Perhaps your talents lighting looks Harsh, Uneven, Dark, or Washed Out.

Andrus & Associates can develop a design with soft warm lighting application that maximizes your talents appearance. Balance, Depth, Color and Background Accents are key factors included in our lighting philosophy.

Andrus & Associates has earned
an excellent reputation for craftsmanship, durability, and quality customer service.



Just a quick note of thanks for the great job you did lighting our new set. What a difference! The softer light makes all our talent look much better. You' ve hidden the wrinkles and eliminated the shadows we used to have. The great thing was we didn't have to change our lighting instruments inventory. You've created a softer, warmer feeling and environment for our talent.

With your great lighting design and the depth of the set our talent really stands out: on camera and in the market.

Thanks again,
Jim Timmerman

. . . . . .

ANDRUS & ASSOCIATES combination of expertise and hard work resulted in a lighting design that maximized the camera appeal of WGNX's news set and talent. We're pleased ANDRUS & ASSOCIATES was recommended to us.

Steve Weitekamp, Production Manager

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